Street Outreach through Covenant House

Covenant House pic

Covenant House

Billy Blatty is a restaurant owner and entrepreneur based in New Orleans, Louisiana. When not overseeing the everyday operations of his restaurants, Billy Blatty donates his time to local charities such as Covenant House, which gives vital aid to homeless youth in cities around the world.

Helping over 46,000 young people each year, Covenant House has transformed more than 1 million lives in its 40 years of service. Dedicated to assisting homeless, trafficked, and runaway youth, the organization offers sanctuary, immediate aid, and programs that help them build a strong foundation for a better life. Today, there are Covenant Houses in 30 cities in six countries.

Through street outreach, the organization finds homeless youth who may not know where to go, offering them a hot meal, a warm shower, clean clothes, and a place to rest. No matter the time of day, young people are welcome at Covenant House, no questions asked. Long-term support is also a possibility, with vocational training, job placement assistance, and transitional housing available.


Traditional Ramen – a Centerpiece at Lucky Foo’s in Las Vegas


Lucky Foo’s pic

Lucky Foo’s

An established entrepreneur with a hospitality focus, Billy Blatty guides restaurants in Louisiana, Texas, and Nevada. Among Billy Blatty’s restaurants is Lucky Foo’s in Las Vegas, which features a Japanese-themed menu and items such as charred shishito peppers and braised pork belly ramen.

Originally from China, ramen features noodles in rich, hot broth and has been adapted to Japanese tastes over the centuries. Among the most traditional flavors are shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) ramen.

Shio ramen traditionally incorporates chicken and vegetable stock as well as pork bone. A specialty food in the port city of Hakodate in Hokkaido, shio ramen is known as comfort food for cold days.

Tonkotsu ramen is said to have originated in Kyushu in southern Japan. Pork bones are typically cooked in broth to the point where buttery marrow is the defining flavor. Other ramen dishes available at Lucky Foo’s incorporate short ribs and spicy red miso as well as ingredients such as daikon, egg, cabbage, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.