Bullrun Live Rally – an Eight-Day Race Across the Nation

Bullrun pic

Image: bullrun.com

Entrepreneur Billy Blatty owns numerous businesses, including Belle’s Diner and Ohm Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana. A car rally enthusiast, Billy Blatty enjoys participating in the Bullrun Live Rally, an event he won in 2013 and 2014 as part of the Big Easy Bandits team.

The Bullrun Live Rally is an annual race that features drivers of high-end luxury vehicles. The invitation-only race spans eight days and requires a $20,000 registration fee per car. The cost covers entry for two people, hotel accommodations, entertainment, and meals. To ensure that all participants enjoy world-class service and exclusive parties, the race is limited to 100 cars.

Each day, racers are given a checkpoint to reach. Checkpoints remain a mystery until announced by race officials to ensure fair competition. Arrival at checkpoints, which have included famous racing circuits, marks the end of a day. At that time, racers can relax and celebrate with other competitors.

In past years, the Bullrun Live Rally has taken drivers to locations such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Celebrities like Mario Andretti, Dennis Rodman, and Hayden Christensen have participated in the festivities. To learn more about the event and where drivers will be headed in 2016, visit www.bullrun.com.